Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Taiwanese Beef Noodle

Ingredients A

600 g Beef short ribs 

Ingredients B

3 tbsp Chilli bean sauce 
200 g Chinese cabbage
20 g Spring onion (sliced)
20 g Ginger (chopped)
300 g Ramen
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Sugar
2 tbsp Chinese wine
800 cc Water 


 1. Cut the ribs into small serving pieces. Blanch wash and set aside. Wash and cut the Chinese cabbage into strips.

2. Add in 1 tbsp oil, spring onion, ginger and the chilli bean sauce into the cooker, press the ‘Keep warm’ function on the Smart Cooker until the green indicator light is lit, then press ‘Reheat’ button and set time for 8 minutes. Saute until fragrant. 

3. Add beef and all the seasonings, then choose ‘Soup’ function (timer set to 1.5 hour), hold the ‘Start’ button for 2 seconds until the indicator light is lit. 

4. Count down to 5 minutes, add in the ramen and stir well. 

5. Cook until the set time has elapsed, add in the Chinese cabbage. Ready to serve. 

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