Stainless Steel Cooking - Pan, Wok & Pot

Proper methods to cooking with stainless steel cookware

The transition from non-stick cookware to stainless steel cookware can be a tricky one, especially as most people have only ever grown up with non-stick cookware! That said the benefits of stainless steel cookware definitely make it worthwhile for this transition. 

The stickiness that many have experienced with stainless steel cookware is really something of the past because technology today is different - it's much better. Today's stainless steel products actually enhance your cooking and eating experience. 

However, you can't expect to cook in the same way with stainless steel as you do with non-stick cookware.

A "physical non-stick" effect can be achieved while cooking with stainless steel cookware, by following these simple steps:

  • Heat the pan and oil together
  • Use 80% of the maximum heat level on your stove top.
  • Pay attention to the oil - once you see signs of a heat wave, turn the heat down to medium heat.
  • At medium heat temperature - this is the most ideal temperature to cook with stainless steel cookware
  • Once you are this setting you can start putting your ingredients in without the food sticking to the surface - it's that simple!
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