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Buffalo Australia

Buffalo Function Series 32cm Perfect Cooker

Buffalo Function Series 32cm Perfect Cooker

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Better heat conduction, lighter in weight, innovative Thickness Varied design, and a perfect thickness of 3.2mm, Buffalo is 25% lighter than traditional 5-ply cookware and yet 30% more efficient in heat conduction. Whether you stir fry, boil, pan fry, or deep fry, low heat achieves high temperature, significantly reducing smoke and saving energy. 

It is sturdy and durable. Buffalo Clad heats rapidly and evenly with no chemical reaction making it the healthier, more durable, and easy to clean material. 


  • Suitable for families of 2-3
  • Flat bottom
  • Cooking surface: gas, electric, ceramic and induction
  • No chemical coating applied
  • No harmful materials used
  • High heat conductivity
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Owen safe without lid and plastic handles

World Exclusive "Thickness Discrepancy" Design: Buffalo Clad.

Buffalo Cookware is designed with thicker base to retain heat 30% more efficiently. The stainless steel uni-body construction measures 3.2mm (0.126 inches) thick and is designed to conduct heat evenly for any type of cooking.

Pearl Buffing Technology Without Chemical Coating

Buffalo Cookware is manufactured with high-grade stainless steel and metal alloys, and always reject to hazardous enamels or coatings. Buffalo applies a unique buffing technology that makes the Buffalo Clad stainless steel surface extremely durable.

Patented Air Valve Design

Buffalo Function Series cookware have a patented air value design that minimises smoke during the process of cooking. Just open the fully adjustable valve to allow foods to breathe, keeping them crispy outside and juicy inside. Close the valve to steam in the fresh, original flavour of meats and vegetables.

Heat Retention And Highly Efficient Heating

Buffalo's unique multi-layer construction retains heat longer to save energy. Buffalo Cookware is designed for high-efficiency heat conduction, which means when one spot is heated, the whole wok and pot heats.

One-piece Construction

Every piece of Buffalo Cookware is forged using a single sheet of Buffalo Clad stainless steel to make everything from the base to the handles. The exclusive uni-body designs are all easy to clean and would not leave food stains or residues stuck in hard-to-reach places. No loose or broken handles anymore. We take pride in offering the highest quality cookware for a lifetime of healthy cooking.

Pure Water Chemical-free Cleaning Process

Buffalo Cookware clears a five-step water purification process to eliminate any impurities that catch on during manufacturing. Buffalo Cookware is guaranteed to be grit-free right out of the box, so there is no need to pre-season or sterilize new cookware.


Made in Malaysia.

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