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ACook BOILSTEAM Stainless Steel Rice Cooker (6 cups)

ACook BOILSTEAM Stainless Steel Rice Cooker (6 cups)

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  • The Acook, recommended by Buffalo, is a high-efficiency rice cooker that does not belong to the Buffalo brand. It stands out for its convenience and ease of use.
  • Its distinctive BOILSTEAM Technology, which boils then steams the rice, significantly enhances both flavour and texture.
  • This two-step cooking process ensures fluffier, tastier rice while preserving most of its nutritional value.

Equipped with a Food Grade 304 stainless steel steamer basket, the Acook Rice Cooker enables simultaneous steaming of dishes and rice cooking, offering both time savings and convenience. This versatility extends to steaming rice while boiling soup, supported by 9 smart cooking programs and a customizable preset function, facilitating a multifaceted cooking experience.

A simple push of a button on the Acook Rice Cooker streamlines the cooking process, saving time and effort, thus supporting a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

Main Features:

Boilsteam Technology

The Acook Rice Cooker leverages BOILSTEAM Technology, boiling the rice before steaming it to perfection. This method not only maximizes flavor and texture but also maintains the rice's nutritional value, delivering superior results with every use.

304 Stainless Steel

The cooker's components, including the inner pot and steamer basket, are crafted from Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel, known for its durability, resistance to wear and corrosion, and ease of cleaning. This high-quality material ensures that food retains its taste and nutritional value, free from chemical coatings and reactions.

Smart Cooking Functions

With 9 smart cooking functions including a preset option, the Acook Rice Cooker offers a range of cooking modes from BOILSTEAM Rice to Cake, accommodating diverse culinary needs with precision and ease. These features, alongside a smart touchscreen interface, anti-overflow steam valve, and dishwasher-safe parts, underscore the cooker's design for convenience and efficiency.

The ACook BOILSTEAM Stainless Steel Rice Cooker comes with a 12-month warranty from Buffalo Cookware Australia, guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.

For detailed guidance on using stainless steel cookware for rice cooking, visit Buffalo Cookware’s advice.

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