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Free shipping in Australia or find us in Melbourne, Sydney, Brinsbane and Perth
Choosing Stainless Steel Cookware of High Quality.

Choosing Stainless Steel Cookware of High Quality.

Stainless steel cookware is durable, does not rust, and does not have a chemical coating, so it is relatively safe. It is important to note, however, that not all stainless steel materials are suitable for cookware. It's important to pick the cookware correctly, and the "4 no-principles" will help you do that.

We have applied the same quality of stainless steel to our Buffalo stainless steel rice cookers.

1. Don't buy if it's too light and thin

Stainless steel pots are only graded based on their thickness, and there is no difference in the number of grades. It is recommended to use a thicker pot with direct heating appliances (decoctions, frying, frying, stewing, etc.), especially if you are using a gas stove on high heat. Those cookware that are too thin cannot withstand fire and emit oily smoke.

2. Don't buy the pot because its surface is rough

After being pressed and formed, unpolished stainless steel products have a chaotic surface. To make the pot bright, smooth, and flat, the polishing group uses several procedures of grinding wheel, hemp wheel, and cloth wheel.

There are two types of polishing: matte and mirror, and mirror polishing involves an illuminated surface.

The thread shape is regular, also known as matte polishing. Matte surfaces are less likely to wear and scratch, so they are often used inside pot bodies, but without the right equipment or technology, it is easy to cause rough surface and it would be difficult to clean.

You should not buy stainless steel because it has a rough surface and poor polishing.

3. If there is an oil layer on it, don't buy it

To save money, most manufacturers eliminate industrial heavy oils at the last second of the automatic pollution-free cleaning process before stainless steel pots leave the factory. Consumers are required to wash themselves with special cleaning materials. Buffalo woks are completely cleaned before they leave the factory.

4. Don't buy if its handle isn't firm

Handles on cookware that are unstable or poorly designed should not be purchased. For your peace of mind, you should choose a reputable brand with strict quality control.

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