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"Buffalo multiply stainless steel inner pot"


We are proud to introduce the new Buffalo Enco 2.0 Rice Cooker. Stainless steel eliminates the negative effects associated with the use of aluminum or coated inner pots. You'll enjoy how easy it is to operate this rice cooker.  

Wash rice directly in the insert because it is made of stainless steel!

Buffalo Stainless Steel Rice Cooker

 Buffalo Clad Inner Pot


Model Number KW70 Buffalo Enco Rice Cooker 
2.0 (Flexible 1 to 6 cups)
Capacity 1 ~ 6 cups / 1 litre
Electrical Rating 220-240v / 650w
Rated Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Colour White and silver
Dimensions D W H: 34 x 25 x 27cm 
Insert dimensions Diameter outer/inner: 21cm/19cm; height 12.3cm
Insert weight About 0.5kg
Total weight About 2.4kg


Rice to water ratio for stainless steel rice cooker

*Please note that the instruction below is general advice only. Rice and water ratio may vary depending on the nature and mixture of rice.

Rice / Model
5-cup / 6-cup model (KW62 / 70)
10-cup model (KW 57)
Jasmine / Short Grain
Minimum 1 cup, ratio 1 : 1.2 
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1
Basmati / Long Grain
Minimum 1 cup, ratio 1 : 1.5
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1.5
Brown Rice
Soak brown rice or few hours or overnight, ratio 1 : 1.5 (not recommended for KW62)
Minimum 2 cups, ratio 1 : 1.5


  • Capacity is measured in the approximately 160ml rice measuring cup.
  • It is always wise to allow a bit extra water when you cook less than two cups.
  • Please turn off the power once the cooking time is completed. Let the rice sit for 10 minutes for better result.

Taiwan technology, stainless steel inner pot made in Malaysia, outer shell made in China, assembled in Australia.